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    Default Can you get prepaid service with the OneX/ S3/ Other?

    I want a prepaid service. Preferably T-mobile 30$ a month.
    Top 5 pre-paid wireless plans for Android phones | Android and Me

    I know the nexus 4 would be a great choice, but I want the best camera phone there is, and it doesnt seem like the N4 can compete with the best of the best.

    If I were to get the HTX oneX, the S3, or the Xpheria, get a 2 year contract, eat an early cancellation fee to cancel my contract, would I then be able to use that phone with a prepaid service? Or does a phone have to come unlocked like the N4 to be eledgable for a prepaid service?
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    Default Re: Can you get prepaid service with the OneX/ S3/ Other?

    it will be locked to the service you are using. you will have to unlock it to use other service.

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