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    Default HTC Design Wifi Issue -- Please Help.

    Hey there everyone!!
    I often found your forums to be quite informative when I was using my Samsung 4G (Galaxy S I), it had helped me a lot, well, before my touch screen took a dive .. then I had to get a new phone. I purchased an HTC Design back in May or June of this year, and I have not had many issues with the until pretty recently. First it started "over heating", and it would get so hot that I would have to turn it off for a while, next the screen (not the glass piece, but the little LCD thing) started to show signs of "wear", lines and things would show up when I would be on a call and have to use the keypad, or something as simple as viewing or sending a text. I would get little "hiccups" with the wifi; it would show that it was connected, but it wouldn't allow me to use GTalk or it would take too long to browse the internet. Now that my phone took a 10 ft dive to the floor in a fit of accidental acrobatics, everything else still works (mostly) except the wifi, save my screen responding a little slower than usual.

    I guess the question is simply this: Is there a way to fix it with out dealing with Sprint (I don't carry phone insurance, I know it's not a smart decision) or should I just turn it and my poor old GS 1 in for some store credit and buy a new phone? If there is a way to fix it that doesn't involve dissembling the phone, that would be great, but if Ihave to take it apart, we can do that too.

    Thanks so much!
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    Default Re: HTC Design Wifi Issue -- Please Help.

    Next time you are having issues with heat, I'd contact your carrier right away and ask for a replacement. You could still try.

    If that isn't an option, you could try a factory reset in hopes that some of your many issues could clear up.

    As for taking the phone apart, I'll let someone else take that one, lol.

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