I'm about fed up with Sprint and my NS4G. The former for the crummy network and the latter for it's poor performance on that network, it's terrible battery life and it's bugginess (particularly when using the actual "phone" and sms apps). I'm okay to upgrade right now, but my wife is on contract until next September with her iPhone. Ideally we would stick it out until she is due to upgrade and then switch over to Verizon (probably...maybe...since AT&T is notoriously spotty here in our part of town). I don't want to pay an ETF or pay for another iPhone on-contract with another carrier etc, etc, etc...so I'm thinking I may just go to an off-contract phone for the next year or so until we can switch without penalties. I'm considering a Galaxy Nexus, but I'm just not sure of the best price for a "like new" GNex...or if there are other good places to look besides ebay or craigslist. I'd really like to stay below $200 since this'll be probably just a one-year deal.

Thoughts on pricing or other good places to look? Are there any other good devices worth looking at? For this one, I'd be willing to do the rooting/flashing thing.