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    Default * Smartphone Survey *

    Hey guys. I had to devise a survey for my marketing class on smartphones. We also have to have tech-savy and phone smart people take this brief survey. So what better way to get my target group than to offer it on Android Central! Please if you do not mind take 5 minutes and help me out. Thanks guys!

    Adults Ages 18-44, Click the Link Below:

    Adults Ages 45+, Click the Link Below:
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    Default Re: * Smartphone Survey *

    I started to take your quiz, and, got to the page where it asks you to rate phone size, quality, etc. I can't really do that, as, I down own all of those phones, and, I haven't held/used each one. I think more general questions would make the quiz easier to take. At least include a radio button for if you don't know, something like that.

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