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    Default gmail calendar links open in BROWSER

    I just today noticed this issue.
    I get a google calendar invitation in the GMail app, but when I click on one of the yes/no/maybe links, it opens in the browser, not in my calendar app.
    I immediately tried to clear defaults, but none existed on gmail, browser, chrome or calendar app.
    I tried disabling browser/chrome/ and bionic default calendar, and installed Google Calendar from play store....problem still happened.
    (edit, of course browser/chrome didn't open when they were disabled, but I was surprised that Google Calendar also did not open)
    I'm rooted, but running regualar moto ics

    I'm at a loss. I know a number of google updated a number of apps lately, wondering if that broke something.
    Anyone else having this problem?
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    Bump. AM I really the only one experiencing this?
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    Default Re: gmail calendar links open in BROWSER

    If you want to PM me I'll send you my email address. You can try and invite me and I'll see if the same thing happens to me.
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    Unhappy Re: gmail calendar links open in BROWSER

    I'm experiencing the same problem...
    I've tried all sorts of things...but nothing seems to resolve the issue.

    There seems to be a lot of people complaining about this...but Google don't seem to want address the issue which is very very annoying!

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