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    Default Help? Most apps force close. Can't do anything.

    Last night, one of my apps, flow free, wasn't working properly, and then it forced closed, then I think most of my apps did, like Samsung homepage, gmail, software update, android phone, log provider etc. I have a Samsung galaxy y Gt-S5360T, I haven't changed anything like ROM so I think it will still be in stock rom. After these apps have forced closed, it will turn off, we'll more its like it just turns itself on again. And then the problem just starts over. While this is happening, I can't really do anything, well when the force close thing isn't up, then sometimes I can start going into things, but never get a chance to do anything because the force close things either take me back to the home menu, or it turns off, sometimes, instead of having apps on the first page, and the call log, contact book, and messaging on the bottom, it just has the menu key, that's it. And even when I haven't unlocked it, it turns itself off and on again.

    My SIM card had a problem, so I recently changed that to a blank and had it working with my old number and balance. And because of this, it was last night, I saved my contacts to my phone, rather than my SIM card.

    Is there any way of fixing this( have already tried turning it off and on, and taking the battery out and putting it back in again) without losing my photos, songs, saved messages and contacts? And if not, is there any way of saving them to something else, even though my phone won't let me do anything? So what can I do?
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    Default Re: Help? Most apps force close. Can't do anything.

    save ur contacts to google and do a factory reset.

    settings-->account and sync-->[account]-->check contacts
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