I couldn't think of how to say it any better in the title, and as I'm about to ask this I think about how unlikely it is that it's possible but here goes.
My friend just bought a Sprint Galaxy Note II, and he doesn't know shii...about phones, it comes with all these features and extra pages and bloatware , that he's just getting overwhelmed by and don't think he has the patience to learn about it quick enough, so he's probably going to end up making a mess of it.
Before this he had an Evo 4G and I just watched as he neglected updates and downloaded awful apps and his phone was basically a cluster****, then complained about how bad it was
I was wondering if there is any way i could edit/customize his phone remotely , as we're in different countries. I'm not asking if i can remote-root it or something, just if
I could make changes to his homescreen and appdrawer from my laptop or so.

This is probably a ridiculous idea and it can't be done, but i figured i might ask anyway

Thank you!