I am phil from Belgium.Sorry for my not perfect englisch
I was searching for some info on the net and came here.
i hope you guys don't mind,or can put me in the good direction
i see here the same questions like i ask ( i first did a search on this forum) but the sollutions to downgrading tot android 2.3 was not
for the sony x peria GO phone so they were helpless in my case...

My Phone is a sony x peria go.
it came from the factory with android 2.3 gingerbread.
i have done the update to android 4.0 ice cream.
**** i dont like it at all,and it slows down everyting now so i want to go back to android 2.3
in the store where i buyed the phone they say it is impossible that sony will do that for me (even if i pay for it) they always put the latest versions from android on it...

Does anyone how i can go back to android 2.3 gingerbread?a link,or a post somewhere cause i cannot to seem find here anything for the sony x peria go to go back to android 2.3... I have seen different thins on the internet but to do all this stuff you need to be a proffessor



ps:since i am a newbie with android please not too technical lol