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    Default How do i change the song-order of a playlist?


    I am rather new to android. I have the Samsung Galaxy Note II (AT&T), and i have not rooted it or put any custom ROMs or whatever onto it. i have been using the music player app that came with the device. (not the google play one that looks like headphones, the app that i use is a blue and white circle with a blue play symbol in the middle and a green musical note on the right side. just for reference) i just added a playlist, expecting the songs to be in the order that they were when i made the playlist in Kies. however, they were actually in alphabetical order and had numbers next to them (01, for example). i would like to be able to change the order somehow, or sync it so that the songs appear in the order they are in on kies. please give me any tips that you know.

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    Default Re: How do i change the song-order of a playlist?

    No reply to this post since last year? WTF?

    I have the same phone. Love it. But... how could they make it so frustrating to order songs in a playlist? Is it possible at all?

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