Sooo... First time posting, but I have looked EVERYWHERE and not found an answer. I know this is the place to make it happen. I am the guy at my company responsible for the tablets and smart phones (approx 700). Recently our truck drivers have occasionally been turning off location settings. I am almost certain they are doing it using the pull down notification bar. We have 500 drivers using Samsung Galaxy Tabs (SPH-P100) on Gingerbread 2.3.4, and all their dispatching is done with location, and we need it for liability in cases of accidents. So I need to somehow block this from happening. I found a way to lock the drivers out of the settings application, but as long as they can pull down the notification bar they can still turn off GPS. Please help me with a way to either turn off the pull down or permanently lock GPS on. I even thought about using a tasker or a profile that would automatically turn GPS on any time batter was 100% or less then 100%, meaning always true, however, without rooting this isn't possible. While I am in no way against rooting, there are 500 of these devices so the time alone kills that idea, not to mention the risk of putting 500 devices out of warranty at once and handing them back out with full root access.

Thanks in advance for ANY help you can give.