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    Default Toggle keyboard on the fly

    Is there any way to toggle the keyboard per use? Sometimes I want to use Swype, other times SwiftKey. The only way I can see how to switch is to change the default in settings.

    I'm running ICS on a non-rooted Vivid.
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    Default Re: Toggle keyboard on the fly

    First off, you're literally the first person I've seen that would make use of a feature that I believe is standard in ICS.

    When you tap a text entry box that pulls up the keyboard, you should see a keyboard icon in the notification bar. Pull the notification bar down and tap where it says "Select input method". That pops up a box for you to change inputs. As far as I know, you couldn't have turned that setting off. There was a lively thread recently on here debating if that was a feature or a bug, and if it could be disabled. It was established the shortcut was a feature that can't easily be deactivated.

    Btw, I'm curious why you want this ability. No one in the other thread really had a good reason, and I've wondered what a good one would be.
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    Default Re: Toggle keyboard on the fly

    I'm fickle? Because Swype works better with one hand and SwiftKey with two, so depending how I'm sitting, lying, propped up... (which may not make sense to anyone other than me, but there ya go...).

    Thanks, your suggestion works.
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    Default Re: Toggle keyboard on the fly

    thanks! i was looking for this answer too!
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    Default Re: Toggle keyboard on the fly

    It's useful for me to switch between swype for most entries (txt, facebook, etc) but to switch to hacker's keyboard when using console because that keyboard has ctrl, alt, function, number, and arrow keys but it does not support dragging from one letter to another like swype.
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    Default Re: Toggle keyboard on the fly

    One if the worst things they did in 4.3, take it out (unless I'm just not finding it). Write code? Hacker's Keyboard. Email? Filling out forms? Samsung. Use the computer? Remote keyboard.

    Now it's an extra step to pull the notifications down.

    Don't the people who write the code for these things ever have to use the products they write? Sometimes I want to strap them to a rock, with a big stone hammer and copper chisel and make them write their code the old fashioned way - painfully, the way they make me do it.

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