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    Default Help! Accidentally uninstalled contacts storage .crashed now


    Im using a motorola photon rooted. Accidentally I
    deleted contacts storage app. Now my dialer, contacts, every thing
    Crashes.kindly help me with a solution. No backup taken until now.
    System version : 45.4.13.MB855.SPRINT.EN.US
    BUILT VERSION :45 4.5.1A_1_SUN_254_13
    Android : 2.3.5
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    Default Re: Help! Accidentally uninstalled contacts storage .crashed now

    I don't have your phone so I can't help but maybe someone can copy and upload it for you then just place it back in the folder you deleted from and reboot.
    Also you can perhaps look for a system dump for your phone and take it from there
    Good luck
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    Default Re: Help! Accidentally uninstalled contacts storage .crashed now

    Here's a link to the System dump - you should be able to get the file from there.
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