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    Default Contacts sync doesnt save number!

    Hey guys, im just trying to figure out something.

    What exactly does joining contacts do?

    I have joined all my duplicates and contacts from different lists together so theres only one entry per person.
    If I go on them, they're all listed under my Google Account under my email address. however some of them I merged on my phone arent merged on gmail contacts.

    And I see all the names now of my list, but the numbers aren't saved.. just their name, sometimes their email address..

    Any help would be appreciated! Im currently on an old T-Mobile G2 but getting N4 soon.. but this is more the contact issue that I would like to fix..
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    Default Re: Contacts sync doesnt save number!

    let it sync to google. setting-->google-->[your account] uncheck and check contacts. it will sync right away.

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