I did some searching and couldn't find much that was useful so I thought I would ask the super smart people here. I recently dropped sprint to move to my new nexus 4 setting my account to cancel at the end of last month. My intention was to port that number to Google Voice but it slipped my mind and the account was terminated before I could do so. This wasn't much of a tragedy since I recently moved and wanted a local number anyway since I will be using this phone for business. However, I soon realized that this is a huge problem. I have quite a few online accounts that I have set up with a two step verification process that are still set to this old number. I recently cleared my browser cache and now I am locked out of these sites because there is no way to retrieve the authentication texts.

So, any ideas for options? Is there a possibility to recapture this number when it becomes available again? How long does that take? Am I totally effed?


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