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    Default How to change light blue system color?

    How can I change the system default light blue color? I'd like to make it some sort of green. I'm talking about the light blue in such icons in the attached screen shots as the battery icon, the keyboard words, and the bottom bar when pulling down the notification tray. I assume it's just one setting somewhere because it's all the same blue. I am using Nova Launcher and would prefer not to root but might if necessary. I'm using the latest version of Jelly Bean on a Nexus 4
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails How to  change light blue system color?-screenshot_2012-12-15-13-40-01.png   How to  change light blue system color?-screenshot_2012-12-15-13-40-57.png   How to  change light blue system color?-screenshot_2012-12-15-13-48-15.png  
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    Default Re: How to change light blue system color?

    You will need root to change the system icons. (battery, signal, stock keyboard, softkeys and the like)

    As far as home screen icons you can change them using nova....Long press on the icon and click edit, form there you can change it to any icon you have on your phone. (lots of free icons out there)

    Rooting your nexus 4 is not that difficult and you will be truly able to set it up the way you want after you are done.
    Trust me you will not regret it.
    Screen shot of my rooted nexus
    Running AOKP ROM with the Cobalt Inferno Theme
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    Default Re: How to change light blue system color?

    I am sorry but you are going to have to root my friend. And then install a theme chooser app or custom Rom like CM 10.1. To change all of the blue you have to get into the system settings. I've actually been working on something seems just like what you're asking for. You could check it out on the Play Store search baldypal holo rainbow.
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    Default Re: How to change light blue system color?

    Nice work, baldypal. This is almost what I'm looking for. Actually I want to enter a hex of a specific color to match the entire style of my phone. How is it possible?

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