Hello everyone, I don`t know where to post it so I just posted it here. I got a PC tablet yesterday (Archos 97 Carbon. I dowwloaded some games from Play Store, but later decided to delete them all and restored factory settings, I redownloaded Angry Birds but it wont launch. When I try to launch it, the screen just blinks black and goes back to the menu screen. When I press the currently running apps ( or whatever it`s called) it shows that AB is running, but when I click on it, the same happens, just blinks black and goes back to the screen. I also downloaded a game called Bad Piggies, that one works just fine, but AB is not launching. The same is happening to Asphalt 7 that I bought. Please help!

Please do not close the thread, I spent like 20 minutes trying to find a place where can I try to look for help.