So I picked up my phone yesterday afternoon and it wasn't recognizing any touch at all. I was stuck on the lock screen. My power button and volume buttons work but the touch does not.
When I click lock the capacative buttons remain lit. I tried flashing hboots, radios, prls, a different recovery, but still touch doesn't work. Ok, should I get the screen digitilizer (the top part of the screen) and the kit to replace it or what do I do. I no longer need it but I want to restore it to stock to sell it. I would like to make sure my reasoning is right that the digitilizer is all I will have to replace. Any one able to confirm this? If so I'll go ahead and replace it. If any one thinks its not that what should I do to it? Someone told me to try RUU and if that doesn't fix it then replace screen, would that make any difference and could it do it without a touchscreen?

Thanks in advanced!

P.S. If anyone wants to buy it in its current state for $80 with case, 2 screen protectors, 3 batteries, wall charger for batteries, wall charger for usb, and micro usb cable, plug original box with manuals hmu.

Thanks again.