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    Default Interference when playing music and charging

    Can anyone shed any light on this?

    When I play music or podcasts in the car on any of my phones and plug a cable from the headphone socket to my car aux socket and charge the phone at the same time, I hear interference through the car speakers. I was using a cheap car charger, so I changed it for a genuine HTC one, and the same thing happens. This happens on both my Nexus 4 and my GS3. As soon as I unplug the car charger, the noise goes away.

    Is this normal, can it be cured?

    Thanks folks!
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    Default Re: Interference when playing music and charging

    Does the static happen when playing a song? I hear weird static noises when I have my phone plugged in, but it goes away as soon as I play a song.

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    Default Re: Interference when playing music and charging

    It has to do with noise in the car's electrical system and is very common, especially on low end stereos. The way I've fixed it was with a new stereo that ended up having a noise filter built into the power line (was replaced because I just didn't like the stock head unit, but discovered this). I'm not sure exactly what causes the noise and how it is transferred, but I suggest looking around car audio forums or talk to some install shops. You may be able to get a noise filter aftermarket for your current stereo.
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