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    Default Nexus 4... very confused and frustrated.

    Today I got my first ever smart phone - nexus 4 and I have to say I find it EXTREMELY confusing. The phone is great and all, but I hate how everything I do on the phone is connected to my google account. For example, when I enter my photo gallery, there are bunch of albums, blogs data, twitter data, random stuff from my google account which I DO NOT want on my phone. When I tried to delete the albums I accidentally made them to appear offline. Now there is no way to delete the albums. When I select a specific album I only get option to see "details". How do I remove them?

    I tried removing my gmail account from my phone and it made things even worse. The contacts I manually typed to my phone are gone as well. WTF?
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    Default Re: Nexus 4... very confused and frustrated.

    You should post this in the Nexus 4 section.

    Also, you should know that Google is highly integrated into this phone, it's Google's flagship! Maybe if you ask specific questions we can b better assist.

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    Default Re: Nexus 4... very confused and frustrated.

    Like any system that is new to you, Android can be a little daunting because it's so versatile and flexible. I suggest you take some time to look through the manual:


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