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    Default googleplay crashes," operation process.google.com.gapps stopped"

    I have a samsung galaxy s3 purchased just over 2 months ago. and just yesterday googleplay started crashing. once I open it, it shows a black screen and then goes back to homescreen. sometimes it crashes when I press "install". at the same time, this message shows each time it crashes or when I restart the phone: "operation process.google.com.gapps has stopped" or something like that. I searched the internet for solutions and here's what I tried so far:
    -restarted phone.
    -deleted caches and history from googleplay.
    -then i deleted them from all google apps i have.
    -uninstalled updates from googleplay. now I only have the options "force close" and "disable" instead.
    -changed date and time "though they were correct". then changed them back.
    -tried rebooting "and by that i mean pressing the close button for like 12 sec and the phone was restarted". because i don't know what rebooting is.

    got any solutions? or maybe even guide me through the previous steps correctly?

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