I have a laptop, TV and iPod touch connected to my router via Wi-Fi, and a desktop via LAN. It's always been completely stable, rock solid. 2 weeks ago I bought a Sony Xperia T to replace the iPod, and since then the router has been freezing up every 15-30 mins, cutting off every device connected to it and not responding to any attempts to log in to it. The lights on the router don't indicate any problem and if I leave it alone it will unfreeze itself within a couple of minutes.

If I turn off the Xperia's Wi-Fi, the network goes back to being completely stable again. Turn the Xperia's Wi-Fi on and the router will freeze within 5 minutes and then again every 15-30 mins.

Google search tells me this is actually a fairly common problem with android devices in general,but nobody seems to have any solution. I've upgraded my router's firmware, tried assigning my phone a static IP address, told the router to use g mode only, tried a range of different Wi-Fi channels, none of this had helped.

The problem happened on ICS as well as the recent Jelly Bean update.

Does anyone have any idea what my phone might be doing to screw up my router so much?