Hey guys,

Not sure if i'm posting on the proper section so mods please move it if you must.

I have made some search about android mp3 players, and aside from samsung galaxy player,
i was not able to find an android mp3 player. What disappoints me about galaxy player is the old
android version in combination with the price. I know i can root it and install a custom rom but I
prefer not to change rom. Since I already own a zopo zp500 and I'm extremely happy with it,
I'm thinking about buying one more zopo zp500 to use it as an mp3 player.(no sims at all)

The reason is that internet+phone+music consumes to much battery.

What I want to ask is:
1) Has anyone tried to use a zopo zp500 as an mp3 player exclusively
and how the battery behaved( How much time it stands without charging )
2)Impressions about battery life of anyone that used any android device as an mp3 exclusively(okay some internet too :P) .