Hi all,

While I am a new poster, I have been reading a lot of posts in this forum for awhile. I have been using Metro PCS for the past few years in NYC and have no complaints about the service. But I want to switch to GSM instead of CDMA. I am buying a Galaxy Note 2, or maybe an S3, unlocked for the switch and looking to stay at $70 or below per month for service. I also need to be able to port my number from Metro PCS to it. So I have a few questions on the best deal/service/speed/etc...

1. What is the best pre-paid and also post-paid plan for unlimited calls, texts, and 4G data (at least 3GB/month if not truly unlimited, don't really care)?

2. Does AT&T or T-Mobile (leaning towards T-Mo) have the best service/signal in Manhattan?

3. Should I just go with regular T-Mobile or AT&T plans or something like Straight Talk, Simple Mobile, or Solavei (leaning towards this, don't care about the recruiting aspect, just service/price, but is there a limited data amount that the 4G speeds gets throttled after?)

4. Which service has the fastest data speed in Manhattan?

5. Does the Note 2 have all the frequencies required to work with ATT's and T-Mo's 4G networks?

Thank you in advance!