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    Angry HTC Sync Manager - cannot Sync!

    Boought a HTC One X from ATT about 6 months and the Sync Manager has NEVER worked properly. I am in the process of trying to sync music, albums, playlists, whatever and the phone will not accept any incoming files. According to the Sync Manager, I was able to import music from the phone (but I have no idea where it is...) but I'm mostly concerned with trying to get music onto the device.
    When I plug in, I am asked if I want to open Sync Manager. So I click on the icon, and it defaults to the Setting screen. I can see where I've selected what music I want to transfer (just selected playlists) and I click the Sync icon. No dice.
    The phone itself shows Sync status as connected but no music appears on my phone. Not under the "Music" app nor under the "Play Music" app. What gives? I love the phone but HATE the Sync Manager. Help!
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    Default Re: HTC Sync Manager - cannot Sync!

    SYNC MANAGER - SEE SOLUTION BELOW (I posted to HTC.com and elsewhere - this was my resolution)

    HTC Sync Manager is an MTP application that is slower than a mass storage connection and I've found it to be COMPLETELY USELESS for moving data from my computer (Windows XP) to the HTC One X+.



    This is much slower than using a mass storage USB connection to your computer. The issue is more manageable once you have moved the majority of your old data to the phone and you only have to do one off transfers.

    That said it is difficult to set up new folders and organize your phone through a FTP set-up because your PC will not necessarily have permissions to write new folders to your phone. This was a disappointment.

    You can add your phone as a NETWORK PLACE on your computer and manage the folders from there... BUT I HIGHLY SUGGEST INSTEAD THAT YOU DOWNLOAD FILEZILLA (client software) to your computer and access your folders that way - you will be able to copy and move files quicker with file zilla because it will transfer 2-10 files at a time (slow transfer speeds btw).

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