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    Default Data Recovery

    Hello, I would like to ask for some help please.

    I was opening a document in the app Polaris Office (came with the phone) when the app became unresponsive. (Note: Firefox was also running at the time. Ironically, I was researching backup apps.) The phone asked if I wanted to wait or kill the app. I tapped Wait. The app then seemed to close by itself. Since this has happened once or twice before I thought little of it.
    Upon opening the app again I got a shock. The "recent docs" list was empty and the suite's internal file browser appeared to find nothing on the phone.
    I checked the default file manager app. Everything was gone, on both the "internal USB storage" and the external SD card.
    The "System Storage" (I assume for app data/installs) appears unaffected.

    Naturally, I immediately stopped using the phone to avoid overwriting data.

    May I ask if anyone has a good idea for my next step?
    I have only been able to quickly find these two (below), as that phone is my primary internet device, and I have very limited resources (as in I would literally need to buy a new computer to install these).

    (seems to make no mention of internal storage recovery)

    If anyone has any experience with recovering data from phones, please share.
    Any help or ideas from anyone at all would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much.

    Phone: Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 (GT-I8160)
    OS version: 2.3.6
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    Default Re: Data Recovery

    Sorry I can't help you on that.
    I suggest you to look for help in
    "xda developers forums"
    there you will find dedicated forums for our phone. "Samsung Galaxy ace 2 /GT-I8160"

    And all the best luck

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    Default Re: Data Recovery

    1) As far as I know, you can not recover lost data from a phone tht isn't rooted. (The recovery apps need root access.) That voids the phone's warranty (and insurance), so weigh that against the value of the apps.

    2) There are data recovery apps on the Play store (make sure they recover the kind of files you've lost - most of them recover music, pictures and movies).

    3) You're aware of the danger of overwriting data. These apps have to be installed on the phone, so the danger is there. I'm not aware of any app that runs strictly on an external computer that will recover files from the internal memory of an unrooted phone.

    If there's a possibility that the data is on the SD card, beg or borrow (don't steal) a computer. Download burn it to a CD, boot the computer with the CD, mount the SD card in the computer and get a night's sleep. (PhotoRec is a fantastic program - it can recover the breath you exhaled last week - but it takes time.) Oh - it's free. It shouldn't be - it's worth a lot more than most of what Microsoft sells - but it is. (The companion program at the same site - also free - Test Disk, will recover deleted partitions. Even if you wipe the partition table.)

    Just in case anyone thinks I'm trying to sell anything, I have no idea who the author is (I think his name is on the site). I'm certainly not brilliant enough to have written these programs.

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