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    Question help with google voice

    i know the basics of GV, but I would like some help with more advanced feature(s) of GV. I have a verizion phone (moto razr hd) and a just signed on with t-mobile (galaxy s4). (both services are active). i'd like to make sure that i don't miss any phone calls, but i don't want to carry both phones. so, i'd like to forward ALL calls coming to my verizon phone to my t-mobile phone or to my google voice number (prefered).

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You would have to set that up with Verizon, I'm sure they offer a call forwarding service.

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    Default Re: help with google voice

    From your Verizon phone, dial "*72YourTenDigitGVNumber" and hit send. should do the trick.

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