Howdy all.

I am trying to play music through my wife's factory stereo. Sounds like such an easy problem to solve. However....

The vehicle is a 2011 Hyundai Sonata GLS, so entry level. The audio is completely stock. The head unit AM/FM/XM etc. The bonus, I thought was the multimedia dock. USB and a 3.5 mm audio jacks. The vehicle came with an adaptor for iCrap which has a 30 pin on one end with USB & 3.5 on the other end.

Now, when I plug in my GNex with the factory data cable, I get device not recognized. and the radio goes back to what it was doing before the connection. It will continue to charge. SO on to the 3.5 audio cord. Well, that hole has become well used and now is loose. No prob, it's under warranty and will be replaced soon. And since the warranty is up soon I want to ensure this won't happen again.

I then began a quest to find an iPod adaptor, found one. DockBoss+ seemed to be my answer. However the company just has an answering machine for the order line, website has broken links, and no one is returning Tweets or FB posts.

Another product, iSOCK, just has a YouTube video and no company website that I can find.

So, what makes the fruit able to play music and not my GNex? Drivers in the radio? Different file system? Different use of the + - data channels? I did find a huge chart on another site of what it will/won't play.

I guess my only options are BT, non OEM radio, or, God forbid, an Apple product