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    Angry Help: My phone won't send special characters anymore!

    I got a (Sprint) Samsung Galaxy Nexus (the first one, I believe. Looks like this: http://www.digitaltrends.com/wp-cont...laxy-Nexus.jpg) about a year ago. And for the first few months, I could send special characters (i.e: , , , , , ect) in text messages. Then, it wouldn't anymore. I believe my phone updated to Jelly Bean before it stopped, so it may be connected to that. When I try to send a message with any type of special character in it, the message simply won't send. No matter if I use the messenger than came on the phone, or the one I installed (Handcent). I still get the message just not sending. It'll send once I take the characters out of the message, though. I can normally receive messages containing special characters, but they sometimes it shows up as squares.
    Mostly, I want to know if I can fix it. I understand that it may be the update, which I'll have to wait out. Or that it could be the phone itself, which in that case I'd just have to wait till I can upgrade again. It's just very annoying not being able to send accents or special characters. Especially to my Spanish only speaking friends.

    Thanks for any help!
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    Default Re: Help: My phone won't send special characters anymore!

    Ofcorse people know how Galaxy Nexus looks like lol

    Sounds like encoding problem, you send messages in encoding that Sprint does not support. If you use official update then go to Sprint to make it fix, if you use something custom then means your custom system is bad.

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