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    Angry How to Format Internal sd card in Android???

    I have a 2.08GB internal memory but now FREE SPACE is only 85mb now which used to be 400+mb. I dont install any app and i have deleted all the APPS and temp files from my internal sd. When i connect my TABLET to the pc it says the FREE SPACE is 85mb(Also says in the tablet settings>storage) but when i went inside the internal sd through my computer, and click on all the FLODERS and look into the properties, the size are only about 100 mb, but have free space of 85mb which is strange. there is also 'FOUND.000' folder after i connected to the pc which cannot be deleted. HELP!!! can i format the INTERNAL SD?or? anything????
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    Which device do you have and or/carrier?

    Also to my knowledge outside of a factory reset the only other means of actually formatting the internal storage would be using a restore to stock/unrooting type methods to flash the factory images back to the device which in turn usually WIPES the entire device clean and starts fresh. I mentioned the factory reset but I'm not sure that even goes as deep as to actually " format " the internal storage partition.
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    If you connect the device to the computer you should be able to access the drive from your computer and format it - FAT32. Otherwise, there may be a format sd card option in recovery.
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    It sounds like you don't have much internal memory to start with. The apps you use might be generating a lot of temporary data (especially apps like Chrome, Google+, Facebook, Google Music, Google Currents), which then uses up that internal memory. You could try clearing all of the app caches. You could do it one by one in the Settings/Apps menu (which is obviously tedious), or you could install an app like which can do them all at once.
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    FOUND.000 is/are usually recovered scrambled files of some kind or another, identified by Windows chkdisk or scandisk, and diagnostic disk tools of the like, and lumped together. Depending on the kind of original files, they can often be recovered using other software. Google FOUND.000.
    I had never heard of that being generated by an android device before, but I have had a similar problem on a large flash drive, which generated a 55GB FOUND.000. And, of course, that turned out to be hundreds of smaller files damaged or otherwise rendered unrecognizable by some forgotten event that affected the drive.
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    The card could be partitioned into one small partition, the one you're seeing, and a larger one for the operating system. Many manufacturers do that.
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    Wink Re: How to Format Internal sd card in Android???

    try to connect your android to PC, then right-click on "phone", there is must be "format",
    i just have done it, and it work. my internal sd card is free as new as i buy .

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