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    Default Use Google Account for Play Store Only?

    I got my Galaxy S3 just over a year ago and, at that time, didn't think that anybody else in my house would have an Android device. I signed in to Google Play using my own personal email address, as I figured that would be the easiest way to manage my account. Lo and behold, a year later there are now four Android devices on my Google Play account (my S3, a Nexus 7, a 2013 Nexus 7, and a Kindle Fire running AOSP). When setting up these other devices, I could not figure out how to set up my account for only Google Play. I have sync disabled for things such as GMail and Hangouts, but they can still manually switch to my account in the respective apps. I have Googled around and cannot find any solution, though I think some of that may have to do with me having no idea how to word my search queries. Is there any way to set this up, or will I have to make an entirely new Google account for the entire family? I have not purchased many apps (no more than $30), but the two Nexuses (Nexi?) that are not rooted will lose all of their app data. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
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    Default Re: Use Google Account for Play Store Only?

    I'd like to know an answer to this too.

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    Default Re: Use Google Account for Play Store Only?

    Have you tried setting up multi user profiles on your devices? You need at least Android 4.2 for this feature.

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