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    Default How to sync android S4 with Mac-based Outlook

    DEAR ALL!!! HELP!!
    Want to ditch the iphone for S4 but not sure if it will talk to my Mac (10.8 OS). I almost know that ICal and Mac contacts will not sync with android but hope that Outlook would - any thoughts?? I was told Eltima could do that!
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    Default Re: How to sync android S4 with Mac-based Outlook

    I have found that my S3 and S4 will sync with iCal and contacts and most anything I have tried on Mac (10.8.5) using Samsung's Kies. My frustration has been that I need it to sync with outlook on my Mac. I can't get Kies to recognize Outlook as my calendar. If you are using a newer Mac and iCal and want to go with S4 - I highly recommend it! I absolutely love mine! I have both the S3 and S4 - just updated the S4 to Android 4.3 and still loving it! I continuously go between a PC and Mac in my daily work. I use both Adobe and Microsoft apps and programs - I use MS on the Mac and Adobe on the PC. Connecting, transferring files and backups for S4 to Mac no problems at all! ;-) Go for it!!! If you happen to find a way to sync Outlook on the Mac - would you let me know :-/
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    Default Re: How to sync android S4 with Mac-based Outlook

    Read this article. You can sync Outlook Calendar on any computer to any smartphone.

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