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09-30-2013 11:04 PM
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    Default can't get rid of "download failed; insufficient memory" status

    greetings programs, i've got a droid razr maxx running jb 4.1.2 and i've had an annoying little problem for the last few weeks.

    at one point i had maxed out the storage space on both the SD card and the ~8gb of internal phone memory, so as i went to make a download i got a little error up top that said the download failed due to insufficient memory. i took care of the problem and completed the download, but ever since then that little !-in-triangle status has been up top on my status bar, always popping up atop the list of alerts that come up when i pull the top menu down. clicking on it sends me to my downloads page, so i've sorted out all of the filenames even remotely similar to that one and deleted them from the downloads page.... nada.

    i can power off the phone, reboot it.... no matter what that status informing me that the download failed due to insufficient memory won't go away..... so does anyone here have any ideas as to what i can do in order to remedy this?

    thanks and have a great night

    # adm jd awesome, XXVII, esq.
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    Default Re: can't get rid of "download failed; insufficient memory" status

    Welcome to Android Central! You may have tried a cache partition wipe already, but it's the first thing I'd try: https://motorola-global-portal.custh...p/30,6720,8417
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    Default Re: can't get rid of "download failed; insufficient memory" status

    FYI - I searched high and low for a solution to this problem, and as it turned out, my /data/log folder was clogged with about 1.5GB of log files, preventing any apps from installing or updating.

    I found this thread on the CM forums describing the dumpstate file problem - Log Directory Full Of Dumpstate Files - Samsung Galaxy S II Nightly/Experimental - CyanogenMod Forum

    You can use the Log Eraser app to clean everything out (and set the deletion to be performed automatically)
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    Default Re: can't get rid of "download failed; insufficient memory" status

    Welcome to Android Central! So I assume you're rooted and running CyanogenMod, then? That's good to know, but I suspect the OP was unrooted and running stock JB, so it's doubtful that what you're suggesting will help the nonrooters out there ...
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    Default Re: can't get rid of "download failed; insufficient memory" status

    Admiral Awesome:

    I was so happy to see someone else with the same problem, and so sad that the first reply didn't work for me. I did get it cleared, here's what I did:

    Pull down the notifications.

    Press and hold on a notification. This will bring up a menu to tell you which app it is from (this is a general feature).

    It will bring up Download Manager for the "Download failed, insufficient memory" message. Click "Clear data" and watch the notifications go away!

    Note: I have no idea what other effects this might have on the phone. The "data" that were cleared was not very much space so I think it will be fine, maybe I'll have to re-input a password or two someplace...
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