Morning All

I have a HTC one S, i have always had HTC phones and never had a problem until now! i recently changed my pattern screen pattern and now locked my self out of my phone, it says to use my google account to unlock, I am absolutely 100% positive that my details are correct, i log into my gmail account daily, yet its still telling me that its incorrect, after weeks and weeks of searching on the net it all boils down to me needing to be connected to the internet for it to register that my details are correct, seems as if it is a htc bug, does anyone know of a way to get into the phone just so I can access my photos, that's the only thing i want! I have pictures of my 7 years old's heart op and we did a photo diary and annoyingly i didn't back it up, stupid i know ive beaten my self up a million times,but they really are that important!!

I have phoned HTC direct and they said the only thing i can do it to factory re-set!!I find this soooooo hard to believe, I have all proof that the phone it mine but they refuse t help! i don't understand how HTC can not just get into the phone and do what ever needs to be done, especially as it is a well known bug!!

Do any of you have any other idea's of how to get into just the photo part?

Or if i reallllly do have to reset, has anyone ever used Pandora and retrieved there photos that way?