On my SkyDrive, at the top level, i have 4 files and 4 folders. I see them in Windows explorer on my PC, and on the SkyDrive site in the browser on the PC. On Android, if i open the Sky Drive application, i see the exact same 4 files and 4 folders at the top level (so, i know that the Android device is properly synced).

But, on Android, no other app seems to be able to see the 4 files and 4 folders in the SkyDrive. If it was just one app, i would think it is a bug in that app. But, have tried all of the following, and same problem (described below) for all of them. The 4 apps I've tried are Foxit PDF Reader, Polaris Office, ES File Explorer, and the "My Files" app. These all have the same behavior.

In either the 2 file explorer apps, or in the other 2 apps, when i use the apps's browse functionality to open a file, I see the following.
o SkyDrive is present as a folder, at the top level, under sdcard0, along with all the usual, like the Android folder, data folder, Downloads folder, etc.
o When i double-click to open the SkyDrive folder, i do not see the 4 files and 4 folders that i see in the SkyDrive app. What i see are no files, and one folder, called "Downloads" (and yet, "Downloads" is not one of the names of the 4 folders that are on my sky drive). The Downloads folder is empty.

So, I wanted to know what I need to do to be able to access files/folders on my SkyDrive (Android), from any other Android app, other than by seeing them in the SkyDrive app itself? Is this possible? Is there some secret setting or option i need to know about so that other apps on the Android device can see files in the SkyDrive?

Thanks, if you can clarify this confusing situation! Much appreciated!