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    Default SuperSU and Superuser

    I have a galaxy note 10.1
    I've rooted it.
    I'm confused tho why I have two super user icons, SuperSU and Superuser. Am I looking at two different things?
    SuperSU if I click on it, asks 'The SU binary needs to be updated. Continue?' It asks this everytime i run it.
    Superuser on the other hand also asks me this. I click 'Install' I get Installation of Superuser was successful
    In the allow column is SuperSU,Titanium Backup,DataCreate and Root Checker.
    Just a bit confused.

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    Default Re: SuperSU and Superuser

    Each superuser app use their own "su" binary. They all manage root. Just use one at a time.

    There are two apps called Superuser. One by Koush, which is a very respective dev, this is the default for CyanogenMod roms. And one by ChainsDD.

    SuperSU is made by ChainFire, this is the one I use and to me the best out of them since it have some useful features. The paid version can keep root over OTA updates.
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    Default Re: SuperSU and Superuser

    Thanks someguy, that is helpful. It would seem then I could get rid of one of them? I notice in 'application manager' that only Superuser shows up, SuperSU does not.

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