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    Default Roehsoft SWap Ram expander does not detect SD external card

    . I have an Android D2-912 tablet,The Roehsoft RAM expansion software does not detect my 16 GB class 10 Micro SD external card, It is duly inserted in the Android D2-912 pad and shows as mounted. THe device is USB connecterd to my computer and USB storage is ON. No way! Roehsoft only shows the internal storage, which is rather limited and cluttered with system files, so the swap file is very small. Only once was I able to see my external SD card and then the RAM increase was substantial and sped up my Android device considerably, Before, my pad was rather slow and apps crashed frequently.
    Any idea why and how to fix it?
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    Default Re: Roehsoft SWap Ram expander does not detect SD external card

    1) Check the SD card. It may have gone bad.

    2) Using an SD card as a swap file with Android? It's an SD card., not an SSD. That's a fast way to shorten its life. Like arsenic brownies. You could eat the max write cycles in a few days.

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