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    Default locked out of kikat

    I'm pretty dyslexic and forgot what pin I used. I've tried virtually every combination for the last hour with success.

    The new 4.4 doesnt have a way to reset using your gmail. Is there any other to open my account? Thanks
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    Default Re: locked out of kikat

    I know this might be too late for you now but I just had this happen to me so here is how to unlock your phone.

    On a pc go to and press lock, it will ask you to type a new password when you set this it will change the lock screen on your phone to the new passward enter that and there you go!
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    Default Re: locked out of kikat

    Pretty sure you can use device manager even if you haven't logged on before. Unless its now been modified with 4.4?

    Worth a shot though.

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