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    Default Help with a Samsung Galaxy Centura speaker.

    I got a Samsung Galaxy Centura a few months ago, shortly after the speaker broke when I was listening to Pandora. A couple months passed, I didn't mind seeing how I could just use the headphone jack, I hit it on something and the speaker started working again. But it died again shortly after. What is a good way just to fix the speaker entirely so I don't have to go out and get a new phone? I highly dread getting a new one because I have a Blizzard mobile authenticator on it. So any help will be highly appreciated, thank you. c:
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    Default Re: Help with a Samsung Galaxy Centura speaker.

    There could be a hardware defect. How long have you had the device? Perhaps it's still under warranty for repair?

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    Default Re: Help with a Samsung Galaxy Centura speaker.

    Ive had it for less than a year. And I got a two year warranty on it.

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