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    Question Galaxy s3 hidden folders with the '.' and how to view them on the PC


    So my phone screen broke... I had some photo folders hidden on it... using the "." method... where you change folder name "Photos" to ".Photos". I understand that on the phone all i would have to do is check the "show hidden files" under the "my files" settings. However since my screen is broken I cannot change anything on the phone. I plugged my phone into my computer and cannot view the hidden folders, all the other folders are there. Also I already have went to folder options on my computer and checked show hidden files/folders. I have tested it on my new phone, where I make a folder of photos, and I can view it on my PC. But as soon as I change the name on my phone and add the "." in front the folder disappears from my PC even though I have show hidden folders. I really need to retrieve that folder there were a ton of pictures on it. I have been researching and have not found a solution... any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Also using phone connected via USB on my windows 8.1 pc.
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    Default Re: Galaxy s3 hidden folders with the '.' and how to view them on the PC

    Find someone with a Linux computer. Copy the folders to that computer. Rename them without the dots. Copy them to the Windows computer.

    '.' is a legitimate first character for a filename in a *nix-based system. It's ONLY the separator between the filename and the file type in Windows, and isn't recognized as a valid first character for a file or folder - because the file NAME is null. (Try creating a folder named .hidden in Windows.) Windows is actually showing a folder that has no name, therefore can't exist, therefore can't be shown, therefore ... You're presenting Windows with a universe that can't exist, so it's trying to find where it lost its mind.

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