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    Default tesco hudl bt-openzone connection

    Hi all, please can anyone help me. My wife has a contract with orange that gives her unlimited access to bt-wifi and I have just bought her a tesco hudl android tablet with wifi ( very pleased with it) my question is can i connect the tablet to bt-open zone anyway. Thanks in advance for you answers cheers Phil
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    Default Re: tesco hudl bt-openzone connection

    She'd have to run a wifi tethering app on the phone. You'd connect the tablet to that wifi signal. (There are plenty of tethering apps in the Play store if she doesn't have one on her phone.) (I assume that your home internet connection doesn't give you unlimited data, which would be the easier solution if it did.)
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    Default Re: tesco hudl bt-openzone connection

    Hi Rukbat thanks for your reply. yes we have unlimited data at home which she does connect to and all works well ,its when she is out and about away from home that we thought she could possibly connect to the bt-openzone because it is part of her phone contract. If she tethers to her phone I'm told the provider (orange ) will either block her or charge her for doing so as the tablet will be using more data ie. bigger screen etc. I don't know if this is correct or not cheers again Phil

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