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    Default Problem with ipega controller after android OTA update

    Hi all, i'm writing here for introduce my problem with ipega controller, in particular with pg-9017.
    I have the nexus 4 and i just receive 2-3 days ago the update of android to 4.4 kitkat version, before that i could use without problems and specific configuration the controller with all emulators and some other games, an example was demon hunter 4 (in joystick mode).
    But after the update, nothing work anymore, i just let work with emulators using using Bluez IME but the other game, still nothing.
    The problem in particular is the fact that the 2 analog stick usually work but there aren't set the functions of other keys of the controller, for example in demon hunter or in wild blood the 2 stick works, and u can move and make action, but no way to make skills.
    And now my question, anybody here have the same problem? And there is a way for fix this? Maybe using a particular configuration program.
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    Default Re: Problem with ipega controller after android OTA update

    me 2 men cant pair the ipega 9025 :S and search for all and nothing addme in fb and maybe we search some solutions
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    Default Re: Problem with ipega controller after android OTA update

    Seems to be a compatibility issue with KitKat. Have you tried contacting the company about the issue?

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    Default Re: Problem with ipega controller after android OTA update

    its a chinese company xD i send some emails :S goan put a custom rom i think

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