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    Default Bricked Galaxy Tab 3

    I recently tried to root my Galaxy Tab 3, thereby bricking it. I downloaded the proper USB Drivers, the Tab 3 root package (prerooted.tar.md5) and I downloaded Odin. I followed all of the steps as instructed and got the FAIL message when flashed.
    The status bar on the Tab got to about 1/3 of the way then everything stopped and it froze giving me this message " Firmware has encountered an issue. Please use recovery mode using Kies and try again" So I installed Kies on my PC and I had the Tab connected to the PC, but then it comes up and says "Connecting" and it just keeps running and running then after about 5min. it says not responding. This is where I am now. I've tried getting the Tab in download mode manually but to no avail. I went thru the flash procedure again and still it failed. I'm diffinetly stuck in the mud. I recently rooted my Note 2 and went thru the same steps and had no problem at all. HELP PLEASE!
    Oh and one other thing I forgot to mention. When I go to these different websites to download whatever it is they tell me too, I get all this other crap that downloads. Stuff like Zip7, (I already have Winzip) I also get different type of installers, registry cleaners, all sorts of STUFF. It will not take me directly to the download of what I need to download. Then I have all this crap on my PC that starts to slow it down or says internet explorer not responding and all sorts of error messages.

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    Default Re: Bricked Galaxy Tab 3

    Never mind. I found the fix on another site with step by step instructions.
    Thanks anyway.

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