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    Question Best Practice Images - Preloaded

    I am developing an app that I wish to have pre-loaded with product images.

    Currently, I am accessing them from the resources folder 'drawable'.

    However, I also want the user to be able to add to list of products later by retrieving product information and products from a web server.

    I can't access the resources folder at run time to save the images, so I need to have a single place to store them and retrieve them later.

    I have tried saving to the application directory, but am not having much success.

    Could some advice on the best practice in this situation. I believe that storing images in the database is not considered good practice.


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    Default Re: Best Practice Images - Preloaded

    For the moment I have decided to store these images in the Assets directory and copy them to the application directory when the application is first installed.

    Then for any subsequent images that are saved at runtime, they can be saved to the same application directory.

    Still would be interested in hearing from anyone about this approach and/or any best practice patterns for this scenario.



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