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    Default factory reset.

    I recently updated my android to 4.3.
    A lot of people say that if you get a big update, it is the best to do a factory reset for faster performance.
    Is that true?

    If that is the case, is there a way to do a factory reset and keep some data of some apps?
    Like example, i have an app that I spend my money on to buy ingame items and such. If i do a factory reset, all my ingame items will be gone and have to restart everything.
    is there a 100% safe backup and do a factory reset for me to keep my app data?
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    Default Re: factory reset.

    You really don't need to do a factory reset unless you're noticing some negative effects from the update.

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    AreaROM 3.0 or CM7.0.1

    Default Re: factory reset.

    If you flash a ROM, IOW change to a different operating system, it's not only smart to do a full reset, it's almost mandatory. A new system trying to use the data from an old system - where the data it's looking for may have absolutely nothing to do with the data it gets - can cause the system to crash.

    An update is normally written so that the data locations stay the same, or the old data is ignored.
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    Default Re: factory reset.

    so if you do a factory reset, you can't keep data eh.. wow that sucks
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    Default Re: factory reset.

    Google Restore or Super Backup are two good apps for such situations.

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