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    Default Got a 2nd hand X6-7V tablet.

    Thinking of giving this to GDaughter at Xmas but need to get it working. I am trying to get it to connect to the Google service to add a new account and it just says: "Can't establish a reliable connection to the server". My laptop is not having problems! Can anyone advise and also where to get mote information? Thanks.
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    Default Re: Got a 2nd hand X6-7V tablet.

    Try some of these tips: [GUIDE] Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Connection Problems

    To be bluntly honest, I would think twice about giving that tablet to your granddaughter. Off-brand tablets are notoriously unreliable and glitchy, so it might end up causing more frustration than enjoyment. But hopefully yours will start working well!
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    Default Re: Got a 2nd hand X6-7V tablet.

    OK, thanks I am connected not but about this device (Wonder Media WM8650) is it old, rubbish? It has Android 2.2.
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    Default Re: Got a 2nd hand X6-7V tablet.

    It's pretty outdated. Android 2.2 is "FroYo," which is rarely seen any more. According to , it has a 600 MHz processor, which is very slow. Only 256 MB of RAM, which means slow app performance. 2 GB of ROM, which means very little room to install apps. Resistive touchscreen, which means it relies on actual pressure (and not light touches) to respond, which means poor and inaccurate responsiveness.

    Probably the main use for something like this would be as a digital frame or perhaps a video player (with only 480p resolution).

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