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    Default Galaxy S4 file recovery

    Good afternoon
    I am from Brazil and I love my Galaxy S4 with android 4.3 it is a sensational phone. On the other hand I lost some files in it and I have been digging up ways to recover them. One way was through Dr.Fone. which required root for android 4.3, and I could not find any other solution. I was looking for a trouble free solution without root, but my best shot until now was Dr.Fone.*

    Do I have to root to recover those files?*
    Is there anyway I can recover those files without root??

    If I have to root how do I do it?

    I am newbie so sorry if I seem retard.

    Please help those files are essential to me.

    Kind regards

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    Default Re: Galaxy S4 file recovery

    Android does not really have an undo delete like Windows does. For the most part, the deleted files are gone. I have heard of phones that are rooted with apps that mimic the recycle bin save deleted files, but you have to have all that set up before trying to recover those files. Meaning if you delete a photo today, then tomorrow root and install those apps, you can't go back and try to recover the photo you already deleted.

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