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    Question Cover Art for my music

    Okay so I received a Samsung Galaxy S4 today for Christmas and I was going to move over my music from my ipod straight to my new phone. The music transfer went great but it has somehow put the same cover art for every song nad wont let me change them individually. Can anyone help me find a way to change the cover art it is really bugging me!
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    Welcome to Android Central! Which music app are you using? I find that Google Play Music is generally better than other stock music players at displaying the proper art.

    You can always use an app like , but it might be tedious to do it one by one.
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    You could try erasing your music on your gs4 and resyncing it with Isyncer. I use Isyncer to sync music and album art, it works good!

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    Just use Google Play Music.

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