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    Default Looking to make two tablets identical

    Bought two tablets for Christmas for the kids, and I would like to have both exactly the same. Don't want them fighting over who has which apps or tablet. The tablets are both the same, so no hardware issues. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Looking to make two tablets identical

    Try installing all the apps on one device, then use Helium to backup the apps their settings.

    Download Helium app from the Play Store, install the PC Helium program and download the USB driver for your tablet here: Run Helium app and follow it's instruction to enable it, after successful you can use it to backup apps and their settings, which will be put into the "carbon" folder in the tablet, copy that folder to the second tablet. Install helium for that tablet to restore the back ups.

    But for the most part if you use a new gmail address and log into the tablet, use PlayStore to download apps, it will save those apps into your history in the My Apps - All tab. You can enable Google backup in Settings - Backup & reset, then sync the tablet, it will backup the apps settings and restore it if you log into your gmail account on another device and install the same app (if you also enable the back up and restore feature on that tablet first).

    If you want you can set up a kid launcher like Kids Place or PlayPad on both tablets.

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    Default Re: Looking to make two tablets identical

    Do you plan on using the same Gmail account or different? Because it really doesn't matter what account you are using of the apps being installed are free. Just download the free apps on both devices. If you want the same Gmail account then that could create a bit of an issue. But is easily addressed by using a backup software as mentioned by Someguy01234. Helium is a good utility if you want to go the route suggested above.

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    Default Re: Looking to make two tablets identical

    If you use the same Google account, then you should be able to make both tablets identical. Purchased apps could be installed on both tablets. If you're using your Google account and don't want the kids messing around with your email or other sensitive info, then install a good kid-friendly launcher like .

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