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    Default Couple of quick questions regarding antivirus protection.

    Greetings....I am new to owning and using a hand held device such as my new Samsung Galaxy Exhibit...
    I am wondering if I should install an antivirus and malware program or app.on my new device to protect it?...

    Isn't my device susceptible to malware and virus's the same as my home computer would be without the protections in place?

    Thank you for any advise,suggestions or information regarding this.
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    Default Re: Couple of quick questions regarding antivirus protection.

    If you stay away from shady websites you wont need it, but if you feel safer having it i suggest AVG. it is free and works well
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    Default Re: Couple of quick questions regarding antivirus protection.

    If you plan on downloading things from shady places and giving them permission to be installed via your security settings, then I'm honestly not sure if there is a point. The anti-virus won't catch everything if you are doing stuff like that and there's nothing to catch if you're not doing stuff like that.

    It's not precisely the same as old windows vulnerabilities which typically rely on scripts running in your browser and they can happen with very little input from you, masking their appearance to trick you into installs, etc. (IE you get an e-mail, open a picture, it runs scripts, you have mal-ware on your local machine) (a few more steps than that).

    Android makes it very easy to control what has the ability to run and what does not on your device. Generally, if you're staying away from shady sites, not allowing things you don't recognize to install and only installing credible apps from the Google Play Store, short of someone physically handling your device, there isn't much anyone can do to your without your consent.

    If it makes you feel better, install it or if you're very prone to having issues from mal-ware, then definitely. Otherwise, common sense is a much better defense than anti-virus.

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    Default Re: Couple of quick questions regarding antivirus protection.

    Thank you Joe_fresh and NothinglsTrue....Makes perfect sense and I now have a better understanding.
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    Default Re: Couple of quick questions regarding antivirus protection.

    Welcome to Android Central! That's some good advice above. What I would add is that most good antivirus/security apps also include decent functions to locate and/or wipe a lost phone. Google's Android Device Manager can do some of that as well, but you might like some of the fancier features you can find on 3rd party apps. For example, with Lookout, it will automatically and subtly take a picture of the user after 3 unsuccessful unlock attempts, then send an alert to the device's owner that someone might be trying to break into the device.

    My other thought is that malware authors are unfortunately some of the smartest and most devious people in the world. Malware is constantly evolving, and although you're pretty safe nowadays by following the guidelines mentioned above, I'm always concerned about the next advancement in malware. So my personal approach is to try and stay one step ahead by using an app I trust (i.e., Lookout).
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    Default Re: Couple of quick questions regarding antivirus protection.

    Thanks B Diddy.. I appreciate it
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