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    Default Guide to Changover from iOS to Android

    what is best way to transfer call logs - sms to android from ios !!

    suggest professional useful , trust-able functions apps like for
    1> ios photostream - for android best is what photo sharing , create share album , comment on album photo
    2> ios online backup iCloud - for android best is what
    3> ios music itunes - for android best is what apps function create playlist
    3.1 import data from itunes
    4> ios icloud calendar manage - for android best is what
    5> ios - mac Notes transfer to android
    Thanks Everybody

    Ashish n. d.
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    Default Re: Guide to Changover from iOS to Android

    Hi - Just did this as moving from 3gs to android.

    Google a solution but for me this worked perfectly.


    Install the My Contacts Backup app from the App Store.
    Launch the app and tap on Backup. This backup your current contacts on your iPhone.
    Once complete, tap Email to attach the VCF file to an email.
    Send the email with the attached VCF file to your Gmail account.
    On your Android phone, open the email with the attached VCF file and download the file to import the contacts to your phone.


    Finally - for my cheap Huawei Y300 the google keyboard does not show emoticons and standard sms app does not allow ringtone per contact so I found Textra and Textra emoticons plug in and all is perfect now.

    Only 1 week but cheap Y300 beats 3GS hands down far!

    Good Luck.
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    Default Re: Guide to Changover from iOS to Android

    From the Google perspective:

    1. Google+/Google Drive (Sharing via Google+ by far, includes AutoAwesome, AutoEnhance, etc)
    2. This doesn't natively exist in Android quite yet, Helium is a good thing to look into.
    3. Google Play Music - 3.1 It can easily import your iTunes library via your desktop/laptop
    4. Google Calendar
    5. Google Keep

    All of this is available via a desktop/laptop browser as well as with dedicated apps for Android and some, like Google+ you might already be using on iOS. There are other apps if you need a specific feature, but for core functionality those are 5 the 10-12 apps that should be (IMO) running on just about every device.

    For the SMS/Call Logs there isn't an easy cloud way that I'm aware of, but there is an desktop app called MobileTrans that can do this. I'm sure there are others, but that's the one that I've heard of.

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